Skywalk’s artist : Otman Elkantaoui

Hello everyone,
I’ll start by talking about changes that occured in the game : I have added audio support to the gameplay, now it seems much more alive and responsive. I also exploited the utility of the Identity Maker by designing some new enemies’ paths. I programmed a new enemy’s behaviour, the Aimed Rushed enemy : unlike the normal Rushed enemy, this one can rush into the player at any direction ( the normal Rushed only rushes if the player is in front of the enemy). Here’s a video featuring the new version of the game :

Well, as you can see, no ‘major’ changes have been applied to the game, but let me tell you that the best thing ever since I started the development has happened : I recruited a new member to the development team. His name is Otman Elkantaoui (, and he’s a damn skillful artist, we live in the same town, and I’m so relieved I got engaged with someone having this much talent in art, I can finally focus on the design and programming of the game, and leave any visual-related aspects of the game to Otman. Here’s a concept art he did for Amalay’s ( the protagonist) ship :
Amalay's ship for Skywalk


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