About Me

I’m Reda Lahdili, a 16 years old Moroccan student. I had my first computer contact when I was young, and of course doubt and wonder about these magical machines grew up with me. I decided to dive deep into this field and learn how these marvels actually  work, so I started learning programming at 14 years old or so, and begun with the C++ programming language. The process of learning was so challenging yet so fun and intuitive. After two years, I learnt and mastered all the basics of this language ( yes, mastering the language as a whole, if possible, can take between 5 and 10 years).
Since I’m a huge passionnate of video games, especially 2D games, I finally made the decision to dive into the independant game development industry, and it’s so far freaking awesome.
I do have many passions besides programming, such as playing ( lots ?) of Video Games. Watching Anime, movies, and documentaries. Drawing Pixel-Art and/or Concept art. Solving riddles involving logic, maths, or physics skills and abilities. Listening to music, mainly the electronic ( 8-bit/Chiptune, Trance, Electro…), classic ( Symphony, Piano…), J-Pop genres and others…
I’m now in the process of making my first ‘official’ video game, titled Skywalk. Make sure to visit its own page in this blog, hope you like it.


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