First release

First Release ScreenshotHere’s a minimal version of the game, this is not even a prototype, since the player mechanics are still not complete, collision detection and health management aren’t done yet, enemies are still dumb since all I taught them to do is moving according to predefined path ( lack of firing AI and stuff) …
The design document describes the game as a more flourishing game, so please consider the following an insight on what I’ve been doing the previous week, not how the game will look like in the future.

-If a message similar to “MSVCRxxxx.dll is missing”, try to download and install the Visual C++ Reditributable from this link :
-If a message similar to “xxxx.png is corrupted or doesn’t exist in the Assets directory”, then make sure you didn’t make changes to the Assets files, including their names. (Background.png – Bullet.png – Player.png – Enemy.png – FireBurst SpriteSheet.png – Porsche 911.ttf)

Controls :
Arrow keys : Movement
F               : Fire
D               : Dash